Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions of THE TECHNO SET SDN. BHD.:

  1. Any funds paid to TECHNO SET are non-refundable once work has commenced on a project.
  2. Projects shall not exceed the estimated billable hours of work, excluding travel time. Any additional time required will need to be purchased at a rate according to our Master Services Agreement (MSA), rounded to the nearest quarter-hour.
  3. TECHNO SET will not be held responsible for any timeline delays caused by the Client or its vendors. In the event of a project timeline breach due to delays by the Client or its vendors, the project budget may be increased to account for additional project management and change management.
  4. Our professional services quotations are based on our current understanding of your project. If we determine that the project will take substantially more hours than originally estimated, we will contact you for approval.
  5. Once the scope of the project has been confirmed via signature, projects proposed and agreed upon are considered lump-sum and will not be subject to change. Individual portions of the scope may not be removed without the written consent of both parties.
  6. Support is defined as supporting the solution as it currently exists, including bugs and existing code. New features and requests are not included and must be scoped as a separate job.
  7. Only TECHNO SET developers will make changes to the code, forms, and/or reports from the start of development until the end of the contract with the client. TECHNO SET will not be responsible for making changes and alterations to the application should the client make changes to the underlying code throughout development.
  8. If the scope of the project changes during the project, both parties agree to disclose information that would impact the project scope and affect the price or the timetable. TECHNO SET will prepare a Change Order specifying the details of the additional work.
  9. Services not specifically listed in the scope of services are excluded.
  10. If the client is unable to move forward with any work related to the project for 30 days due to their own circumstances, TECHNO SET will place the project on hold. If the project is on hold for between 1-59 days and the client wishes to re-initiate the project, they must pay a project re-initiation fee of $700. This fee will be used to reassess the client’s needs in an additional planning phase. If the project has not been removed from hold by the 60th day, the proposal will be considered completed, and any payments made will be non-refundable. If the client wishes to re-initiate the project after the proposal has been closed, TECHNO SET will send a new proposal with new payment terms and potentially a new scope.
  11. If either party chooses to terminate a project, they must give the other party 48 hours’ notice. After this 48-hour period, the client will only be liable for the hours TECHNO SET has already worked in conjunction with the Schedule of Values Completion. Anything extra will either be refunded or not collected.
  12. Hours purchased for support are usable up to one (1) year from the date of purchase. Support plans expire one (1) year after purchase and are no longer usable. If a support request is initiated without a support plan, or if it has expired, the client will be routed to the sales department to purchase a new plan.
  13. Scheduling of a project will commence once the corresponding proposal has been signed, and the project initiation fee has been received by TECHNO SET. A project start date will be given at that time. The timeline of all projects begins from the project start date.