Unlocking the Power of a Business Card on Your Phone!

Enhance your networking capabilities with ZnetCard – the digital business card solution built with Zoho Creator.


Always with you!

Never forget your business card at home again, or fumble for a pen and paper to write your number down. Your digital business card is always with you and accessible in seconds.

  • Sharing your business card is as simple as opening it on your phone and presenting the QR code for scanning.
  • The quick share icon enables convenient sharing with your existing contacts.
  • Users can effortlessly import my card by tapping the “Add to Contact” button.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my digital business card?

Immediately after creating your card, you will have it.

How do I share my business card with others?

To share your business card, simply open it on your Phone and present the QR code for scan. Alternatively, you can use the quick share icon for your existing contacts.

What is the difference between a paper card and a digital business card?

By opting for digital business cards over paper-based ones, you’re able to update your details at any time and share your card in several paperless and contactless methods.

Can individuals import my card into their phone contacts?

Yes, simply tap the “Add to Contact” button to download the vCard and initiate the import process.


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